Social Enterprise is the Wave of the Future

January 28, 2010

We live in an exciting time.  Boundaries are blurring between business and philanthropy like never before, and the result is radical new social enterprises that are taking on the world’s problems with new innovation and sustainable solutions.

In her speech, You Are the Future of Philanthropy, Katherine Fulton discusses the exciting changes in philanthropy inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit.  She calls it a democratization of philanthropy in which the average person has more power than at any other time in history to make a difference.  She explains five categories of new philanthropy: mass collaboration, online philanthropy marketplaces, aggregated giving, innovation competitions, and social investing.  She states, “I’m hopeful because it’s not only philanthropy that’s reorganizing itself.  It’s also whole other portions of the social sector, and of business, that are busy challenging ‘business as usual’….There is a new moral hunger that is growing.”

Leadership speaker and expert, Will Marre, in Social Enterprise: How to Save the World and Grow Your Business at the Same Time, also discusses the changes in philanthropy and business with the rapidly emerging trend of social enterprise.  He explains how social enterprise is enterprise that incorporates the efficiencies, disciplines and rewards of for-profit business with the broader interests of directly solving humanitarian and environmental challenges. 

Marre believes that social enterprise is the future of both business and philanthropy because as he states, “They can grow steadily and produce abundant profits, they are often market leaders, they reward their employees, offer meaningful work and personal growth, benefit their communities, and improve the environment––all at the same time.” 

Marre concludes, “Reinventing the world to be sustainably abundant is the greatest economic opportunity in history.  It is exciting to be at the beginning of our new future.”     

Isn’t this the kind of enterprise you want to be a part of?


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